About Me

My name is Jonah van Dongen and I am a hard working freelance graphic designer, illustrator and animator based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

My passion for art and design started when I was very young. I would draw for hours on end and never want to stop. So I never did. 
That passion stuck with me all the way through school and into my career and I’m sure it will stay with me into retirement,

I studied computer graphic design at the University of Waikato which is ranked in the top 1.1% of universities worldwide. During my time at Waikato University I learned how to take the skills I had been developing my whole life and use them to create things I would have never thought I could create, including a web app called Good Morning Tom Cat, various websites and animated videos and even a couple of computer games and mobile apps.

Since graduating, I have worked with loads of companies all over the world creating clothing, mobile applications, packaging, logos & branding, television commercials, websites, posters & other printed items, music videos, books, the list goes on. It seems with every job I take there is something new to learn and that is what keeps me so passionate about the design and digital industries. 


Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design from the University of Waikato

Certificate of Audio Engineering and Music Production from MAINZ

Certificate of Live Sound and Event Production from MAINZ



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Jonah van Dongen Graphic Designer

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