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I offer a wide range of services including illustration, graphic design, web design, app design, animation, logos, packaging and even custom artwork. I have worked for various companies on all sorts of projects from mobile applications and web apps to animated television commercials. 



Graphic Design + Illustration

Over the years I have developed a unique illustration style and love to bring this skill into the work that I do. Whether it be for print or for the web, my clean line-work and attention to detail is what makes my work stand out. Layout and typography is very important to me and every little detail on a page or in an image is always well thought out. 

Branding + Logo Examples

Perentian Equine

Print Examples

Needles Punk Rock Magazine
Play Punk Drums (drum music book)

Illustration Examples

Toa Education Ltd
T-shirts + Clothing

Custom Artwork Examples

Easter Eggs
Special Occasions/Portraits




As well as designing for print, I am also passionate about digital design. This website speaks for itself as a quality example of my work. I have designed and developed various mobile apps and web apps for kids stories and magazines as well as web quizzes and puzzles. I also have strong animation skills and can animate in all sorts of different styles which has allowed me to work on all sorts of animation projects such as music videos, kick starter campaigns and television commercials. I have even produced animated .gif info-graphics for Rheem NZ Ltd designed to demonstrate how their hot water systems function. 

App Examples

Good Morning Tom Cat

Animation + Video Examples

Music Videos
Musaic Smart Hifi
Stalefish (TV commercial)


Jonah van Dongen Graphic Designer

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